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Gas Powered Foam Ball Grenade Shell - Long Barrel

Gas Powered Foam Ball Grenade Shell - Long Barrel

Having tried out the paintball/airsoft m203 shell from S-Thunder I was excited when this new package arrived at my doorstep. It seems I must have been one of those kids who touched the hot stove more than once as a kid. I say this because as soon as I opened the package and retrieved the shell I gassed it up and fired it in my very very small room. My room makes Japanese apartments seem spacious. Well hopefully I learn from this repeated stupidity. These things are amazingly loud on CO2 and I don't have a decibel reading but could certainly rival a .22 .

-Scary loud
-Capable of tossing a variety of items at a good speed and range
-The price of the shell isn't half bad at $70ish

-Possibly too long to load into a standard M203. Eglm or other launchers with a non obstructed back will be fine
-Hard to find a pouch that fits this monster

If you read my previous review on S-Thunders paintball/airsoft 40mm shell the bottom half of the shell is the same. Its well built, resets easily, and has no defects. The top half is however the difference. Its just a big metal tube. This means a whole host of things could be launched out of this shell. I prefer a handful of bb's with a wad of paper holding it in. It gets better range then the standard shells and has a nice pop.

The shell does come with my favorite accessory ever. A couple of colorful foam balls. I can be seen sneaking around the staging area at most games waiting to scare the ever loving crap out of a victim with a sneak attack from this thing. It does not hurt really it's more surprising than anything. Before getting the pistol grenade launcher from S-Thunder I was attempting to use it manually in the field. It was not a wise choice and made it hard to aim. At 800psi the back of the shell is very stiff to depress.

I have fired this shell close to 50 times now. Every time I have used it I have had a goofy smile on my face. It may not be the most realistic looking shell, and it may be too long for a standard M203 but it sure is fun. For you standard M203 folks check out the smaller version of it.

Photo acquired from S-Thunder. If you really want pictures I will snap them. It does not look all that special. Its a metal tube with M203 end cap.
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