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my best moment was during a team practice skirmish ! we where ambushing the rest of the team but I was the sacrified one alone in plain view ground ! after like 15 minutes...there was nobody in I looked around and saw a head popping in the high grass. We engaged but I was out ranged...I kept them at distance tho. Then I finally got pissed, so I went in the wood, I knew that the saw me but it was the only thing I could do so I sneaked in the wood some time. I finally arrived in their back ! they where engaged by my team mates, so I got closer then I took a shot. I hit one on the ass...damn his expression worth a million, anyway the other one took a run to cover his ass. I ran through the wood dodging trees and lost him, but when I looked at a tree I suspected him to be hiding there, so I took some bursts through it and got him!

Really liked that skirmish !

sorry for the english
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