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Last weekend actually, first game in Europe.

We were playing attack and defend. 5 guys in the "hotel" and I think like 7 or 8 of us assaulting. I was tasked with frontal assault with 2 other guys while the rest of the team snuck around the back.

We pushed right past these fences that gave us cover and I was sitting there behind this little fence. They kept taking potshots at me and I returned fire ("snap shooting") getting one here and there but they finally got me when I tried to snap shoot and got me right in the face like 3 times.

Second time would have been the time the enemy passed right by my team. We we're playing downed pilot/SF extraction with 5v8 and holding our locations then retreating to the next location when the timer went. We finally got to the extraction point and were planning on engaging our pursuers. They totally passed right by us hiding in the bushes/tall grass and were waiting in the bushes up ahead for the other 2 people that split away from our "SF team". We could even see the enemy, so we stood right in the middle of the road for a while shooting the shit. Then the game Marshall told us to engage them so we did, and had a crazy firefight at basically our maximum engagement distances (we we're using .20's since I was renting from someone else so the shots went off really wildly everywhere. I totally could have gotten them if I had .25's or .28's though). It was a good way to end the day IMO.
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