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Well I was playing a game in the states with a JG M4 in a very woody and swampy area. I look around and realize I'm lost and only 20 yards from the enemy spawn, so I slowly turn around and walk away. Suddenly a enemy runs by and says "Wait till I'm not dead" and stares at me while walking away. I laugh in his face and then run like a little girl because he came with backup. I'm running and screaming because they have 380FPS+ snipers, AEGs and GBBRs shooting at me and I chose that game not to wear any thick material and then the best thing in life happened. I ran into 6 of my guys, one of which had a M60. Suddenly I'm between the two teams so I dive and watch as the BBs go over my head and for some reason a helmet. I kid you not one of my guys was out of ammo so he threw his helmet. We beat them then ran into their base wreaking havoc. Best game ever. The guy even found his helmet... In the middle of a creek that ran through the bases.
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