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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
It's still not a gamble that I'm personally willing to make but the Kraken is a decent platform for what you're paying for.

Well, "gameable" is relative. If you mean shoot BBs at someone, then yes, it's gameable. If you're expecting the same type of accuracy at 100+ feet as with higher quality AEGs, then no.

While yes, for the money, you have a decent platform (and the word PLATFORM is the key), they require some work out of the box (even the good ones that will shoot 100K+ rounds stock) to perform competitively and give them reasonable accuracy and consistency. Most noobs are not capable of this. And out of frustration, they either give up, or buy a better gun (the one they should have bought in the first place) and end up spending more money than they needed to.
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