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Originally Posted by lance21broke View Post
Actually you really have a good point. The real thing is really expensive for me. Why would i still buy the original one when i can buy a cheaper copy of the but have almost the same quality.
Well I would agree normally as long as you don't care that this product has almost none of the functionality that the original has then I suppose I can see your logic. Since many, if not all of TADs products are now being manufactured in the same countries as these knockoffs, what's the difference right? Well function for one. Would you use a somthing that looked like a condom, but you know would not hold up to any amount of usage that a real profilactic is meant for? I think not.

This Element repro is not worth the $41US, the Allwin Stealth Hoodie on the otherhand IS defianatly worth the $65 I paid.
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