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Memorable moments of a game!

Playing a game in Prince George. The team I was on was the UN Peacekeepers (ie rules of engagement). We walked down this hill and there was a member of another team just standing there peacefully so we went walking by.

Then all of a sudden team mates were dropping like flies, a faction had opened fire on us. We tried taking cover but it didn't seem to make a difference. Then everything went quiet and I see my entire team walking up the hill with their kill rags on. Great, Im alone.

Where I was laying was in a large growth of tall wheat like grass, no cover.

That's when I heard voices and realized the team that had engaged us was coming back. Seems they were only about 30 feet from their spawn point. Grrreeeaaaattt.

Well I figure if I lay quiet I might survive long enough for my team to come back and rescue me. Oh look the team is fanning out and walking up the hill towards me.

So I simply rolled onto my back and spread my knees. I would lean up slightly, take a couple pop shots between my knees with my M14 and quickly lie back down. After about 4 kills they finally started shooting. They were aiming all over the bloody hillside. Got another 2 and their shots started getting closer.

Problem was as fast as I was knocking them down they would be coming back since the respawn was right there.

Got another 1.

This time shots were coming from my left along the hill. I was being flanked. Due to the grass I couldn't see anything to my left and the BB's were coming through the grass about a foot over me. That's when I noticed there was a log that was giving me cover just on the outside of the grass as long as I was laying flat.

By this time 10 minutes had gone by and still no support. What I didn't know was they were ambushed on the way back to me by the second hostile team.

Got another 1.

Out of ammo.

I was just about to surrended when a BB came in from the side and took me in the temple.

I'll never forget that game for as long as I live!
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