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Krakens are hit or miss. You never know what you're going to get. You may get a gun that fires reliably out of the package, or a lemon that won't last past the first mag.

That being said, I generally don't recommend a Kraken for a first gun to any noob that knows nothing about airsoft. Even the "good" ones aren't that great. Hopups are usually shit, accuracy mediocre, and consistency rather poor. I would strongly recommend a noob get a decent quality starter gun - JG, G&G or some other comparatively priced gun. They are generally much better built and more reliable all around. And their performance out of the box is pretty decent compared to anything by Aftermath.

To someone that knows how to mod / repair airsoft guns, for a few bucks and a couple of hours, a Kraken can be turned into a pretty reliable backup / loaner gun that shoots straight and consistently. It will still look butt-ugly, but in terms of performing the function of throwing BBs downrange and actually hitting the intended target, then it fill that role quite nicely.

Where I do strongly recommend a Kraken is when someone is looking for an upgrade platform to build a custom gun. It's basically a 3-D instruction manual that will have all the small parts, screws, etc that are otherwise impossible to buy. You can buy a Kraken, upgrade to a metal body, wood kit (or tactical furniture), upgrade the internals and have an excellent wood / metal gun that will outperform any stock all plastic AK (such as TM), at about the same price. So for a D-I-Y AK upgrade project, it's the perfect gun,

However, with the recent proliferation of affordable Real Sword Type 56 - the best airsoft AK on the market - this is now moot, as a brand new steel / wood Type 56 can be bought for the same price as a stock TM. It doesn't get any better than real-steel grade externals. So it makes the Kraken upgrade project as useful as adult female groupies at a Michael Jackson concert.
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