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Originally Posted by Detriix View Post
hey guys im fairly new to the site and whole airsoft concept.
ive been shopping around for my first airsoft and ive always been attracted to sniper rifles and sooo i came upon a site "airsplat"

^thats the one

i have a few questions.

will this get seized at customs? if yes

where could i get one in country for around that same price

thanks in advance
It'll get seized if you order one from the vendor in your link.

However, there are similar bolt action spring airsoft "sniper" rifles available in Canada at the lower price point you are looking for. These are of the infamous ACM variety and come without a scope and bipod.

Google is your friend.

The only caveat I have for you is that it could very well be a disappointing purchase.

As far as the Kraken goes they are fine but have their issues not unlike any other airsoft gun.

I have had 2 King Arms AEGs and a VFC AEG in my possession the last 12 months that were BNIB lemons.
Originally Posted by Aper View Post

Anyways, it's not my problem. Enjoy your overpriced shaving acessories.

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