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Its the never ending debate of cost vs quality vs user competency vs lemon rate vs upgrading learning platform vs unicorns vs supporting a crappy company vs Bob Saget vs Robert Goulet vs performance for cost effectiveness.

The bottom line is that the kraken is:

Fairly inexpensive compared to other airsoft guns available in Canada
Performs modestly for the purpose it is intended for
Can be upgraded / repaired with most existing standard parts
Can be a lemon out of the box
May not be the most esthetically pleasing AEG on the market but you do get what you pay for

In my personal opinion the money could be better spent on something else but my final judgment on the kraken AK is that it works for its cost. If you just wants something that can fire BBs than yes it should suit your needs for that requirement. If your expectations are low, then it may surprise you, if your expectations are high than you may be surprised as well.

Purchasing a kraken is a lot like getting falling down drunk and then going home with a random at the end of the night. You'll never know what you truly got till you wake up the next day. In some instances you may enjoy you have, in other instances you may feel like you need to soak your entire body in a bath of Purrel....

"Its only a little bit on fire"
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