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Originally Posted by selectz View Post
I came to Victoria for alittle change of scenery and to find work though my girlfriend is at UVIC. And no worries about the questions I don't mind answering at all. You ever play in the Victoria area?
Actually my brother is in Victoria right now for school and I think he might be trying to find games/rides/rentals (and AV rep to get his AV done). Right now I'm sure he's pretty busy with midterms and stuff but I think when things start to wind down he might try and get out sometime.


@Longstone: You might be a bit disappointed. Most "weekend skirmishes" at least from what I'm seeing is more of a run and gun spray cowboys and indians type play. In fact last weekend I was playing in the UK and the gameplay here from my observation seems to gravitate towards milsim paintball/woodsball. We used hicap mags ("tactical maracas") but at least people were somewhat conservative with shooting and didn't spray 100 round strings of BB's (that said, according to the field owner there are a lot of big milsim games with ammo limits and all that, which usually happen in the summer season). Milsim games on the other hand is what you'll want to be looking at and those are the big games like BorderWars, Operation ColdFront/Keystone, Claybank, etc.
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