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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
Its highly unlikely that they will mistake a restricted item for anything else other than a restricted item.

CBSA agents are not merely mindless drones like the ones you encounter working at your corner convenience store or fast food restaurant. They are trained personnel whose jobs are to inspecting incoming parcels and upholds the laws the exist. They have the necessary training and equipment and if all else fails they are not idiots, they will consult another coworker if they are unsure of something.

Lets use a gigantic bag of cocaine for example.

The inspecting agent sees that the package is labeled "icing sugar". She opens the package and discovers that this white substance does not have the consistency of icing sugar. Well shes definitely not going to just say "whatever" and let the item go. She will most definitely consult another coworker and a superior to have the substance tested.

Please feel free to play the "what if" game until you are blue in the face.
When you are ready to return to reality; the members of this website maybe able to assist you with any other questions you may have.
Honestly let me put it this way,
Think of the CBSA as bunch of gun grabbers, if they see anything remotely for military stuff they will hold it.
I've non-restricted part get held up for a month (it was supposed to be EMS, the fastest available in gov't post)
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