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You see that crapsoft at Canadian Tire? Someone at CT (most likely their legal dept.) probably went through a lot of trouble getting those shipments past CBSA going back and forth in legalese (probably with some threats of pulling out of the country and destroying jobs for the average joe and selling off the company to Americans.... That I just made up). And that's what they're PAID to do.

Although it's fairly legal to import a clear gun it still may get held and you may get to appeal. If it goes to appeal it's likely you will be able to get it but how long it take I don't know. It could be a few weeks it could be a few years depending on how high of a priority the case is.

It's still a crap shoot in the end since different agents interpret internal CBSA policies in different ways so it's legal but theres a chance of seizure and lets be honest is it really worth your time to do this just to save a few bucks?
+that stupid fee ups charges you
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