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Originally Posted by doc_pathfinders View Post
no offense but what might have worked for you for 3000 bb's (which isn't exactly a good sample size, like saying you've done 30 thousand miles in a new car without a problem.. good but not exactly 'wow') won't work for everyone else. will you guarantee that the AEG he picks up won't die in the first magazine? no, you won't..

the reason people lay the 'junk' bomb down is because, after using AEG's from companies with a proven long-term track record, they are by comparision, junk.

they are cheap, they can serve a purpose (getting people into the sport) but at the end of the day they are inferior to many other brands in terms of general long-term reliability due to the lack of quality components and Quality control.

just my 2 (euro)cents
even if the customer gets a lemon cabela's is a pretty good company and is usually willing to compensate for the said lemon.

also my friend's been rocking his kraken ak for about 4 years now and hasn't had any problems with it. also He's got a 3000 round drum mag that he usually empties every time he uses it and we usually try to go every weekend. my whole team loves the kraken and 5 of us now have it. i dunno maybe my whole team got yummy oranges instead of lemons
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