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Hey all,
Just getting into the sport here and waiting to get a gun in the next month or 2.
Bit of a mil-sim geek, used to be in the Canadian Honour Guards clan for America's Army (FPS online) and played paintball for the last 5-6 years and been organizing larger scenario games (full day, 150-200 people) for 4 years now.

All that time to realize this is where I should have started... 8O
I got into paintball and tried working with a number of teams because I wanted to play a strict, disciplined tactical game rather than a "cowboys and indians" free for all.

Looking for other players in the North Halton/Wellington/Guelph KW-W area.
I'm working with my local paintball field to allow airsofters in, I have access to a private field as well.

(waiting for my age verification to be applied, site was down the other day DOB 1971)

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