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Well, this is just a thought, but, maybe we need to look outside of the ballistics box, maybe RC'ers can help.
RC'ers always look for a field that they can either fly at or drive at.
That being said, RC aircraft events can be held if this field gets MAAC covered, you can host fun flys, and other major events depending on the property size and availability. Usually RC guys don't mind paying to fly at an event or a field (trust me RC aircraft can cost shedloads of money and makes airsoft look EXTREMELY affordable and most of us would LOVE a close by field to fly).
This may take some doing as you will have to, of course, deal with the legalities of getting zoned, etc.
Theres also the possiblity of running an RC Car section, one section which would be offroad (maintained dirt track, think of it as a mini moto x course) and the other would be on road (concrete or paved) and you can host large events, the folks at can help with that. RC car owners will most definitely pay the entry fee because bashers and racers alike love to compete (and they're packin' $1000 machines). GLORCS also hosts winter races and their events straddle both sides of the border so you have some serious income there.
Of course you will have to host RC aircraft events on a different day than airsoft events to prevent someone from being a bastard (not BB bastard, then again.. lol) and trying to shoot the airplanes and heli's down.
For the most part we are responsible folks, which is why this site exists and is exemplary to a lot of the world but we need outdoors as it makes the COD and MW "L33t squad" reconsider 'masterblastin' their way through everything like they do with indoor games.
I hope these ideas help somewhat, I really don't see paintballers and airsofters getting along any time soon so lets put that pipe dream to rest.
Oh and please don't forget, you NEED really good scenarios.
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