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Many moons ago, not too many moons after the dawn of the V2 gearbox;

Red Vs Blue
Weekend game, so no pressure to attack enemy right away
Respawn was 5 mins inside a designated tent
Both teams setup base, perimeter and patrols
You could be attacked at anytime even at night, sentries were put up
First day some contacts, sporadic firefights, returned to base, maintained perimeter
First night, bedded down, complete darkness, two enemy recon ops passed within 15 meters of our base camp, we went silent and dark
Day two, OUR recon group sighted new outposts set up on the first night, called in reinforcements, firefight ensued, we sent em packin'
Day two, at dusk Red team raided our base camp, our sentry was having a nap, BB's whizzing every where, ops freaking out, ops calling contacts in every direction, ops calling out hits, we got our asses handed to us,
ONLY one rule, if you didn't call your hits, you got a nice burst of auto,
THAT was fun...
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