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Originally Posted by DarkAngel View Post
The VFC Scar and M4 does not use all Standard TM based parts some are not compatable.

VFC does not use an electrically plated polycarb selector plate, they are just a piece of steel with the purpose of moving the cut off lever and safety lever, no electrical contact is made with the selector plate. The internal switch assembly also does not have contacts that contact the selector plate, it instead uses a direct circuit (complete in the unit) with the 2nd moving contact piece the only piece required to complete the circuit.

I talked to abanana over the phone, my suspicions lie in carbon built up contacts on the 2nd moving contact piece. Ive had the same issue on 2 VFC Guns from Big Shark already, and abanana is using lipo in his gun, which increases the buildup even more.

Forget filing the carbon buildup off, Ive tried, and somehow they will work during assembly (tested with multimeter), but after a couple shots, they cease to function again. Taro Bear's friend Gaivern (the owner of the VFC M4 Sopmod) i fixed, I dissassembled and reassembled his gun over 6-7 times. I just cant explain it, the metal contacts are touching, but no current is transferring. After modifying a TM compatable switch assembly, his gun has been functioning flawlessly every since.
Well if you meant the old Marui design for the switch then no not compatible forgot about that in marui gearboxes, I always assumed it was the newer design without the passing through the selector plate. Since alot of companies now use that one as opposed to old marui one thought it was standard. My bad...
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