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Originally Posted by aBanana View Post
Althought I bought my crap when he was in china tower it's all the same shit. I forgot to mention that my VFC-SCAR-H recently crapped out. Trigger issue, pull the trigger nothing, pull it HARD and the motor fizzles and finally coughs out a cycle. Maybe you can be the one to fix it? Please PM me so we can work something out, and I noticed you're an age verified, I'm looking to be verified as well. In fact I'll send you a PM now so we can get in contact.
Bring it over to me, were in same mall in unit 2D26 upstairs near the old fido. I'll even fix it for free labor only though, parts are gonna cost ya dont worry I wont jack up the prices =]

I'll be there Wednesday to Sunday so send me a PM if you wanna meet up!

And while you wait I'll also AV you =D
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