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"The War Zone": New 18-acre field in Niagara Falls, NY

"The War Zone" is Western NY's latest and greatest airsoft field! Owned and operated by The War Store, The War Zone is 18 acres in size and has an urban/industrial/post-apocalyptic feel, befitting its origin as an old junkyard. The War Zone is fully insured and open to approved players aged 12 and up.

Rentals are available for our Canadian friends.

The War Zone's first game will be held on Sunday, 10/10/10, and will likely host games every Sunday thereafter, weather permitting. Occasionally, Saturday games will also be held.

Photos of The War Zone can be found here:

Rules for The War Zone can be found here:

Waiver for The War Zone can be found here:

Map and directions can be found here:

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