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help with GBBR m4 build.

hey guys.

please check back every once and awhile as I will be updating this thread as I move along the build process. thanks

I want to build a custom WE m4 and I want to put something like this: on it, I'm still fuzzy on the aeg to WE to other brands (g&P woc) compatability I care not for the outer barrel I plan on replacing it with another length I just want the rail system, I see a few g&p WOC's have them equipped but I havent found a specific "GBBR" version of them so I don't know whats going on there.
if this doesn't fit is there a sr15 urx front set that will fit a WE m4?

I'd like to get a WE for the base as I'm familiar with the internal's and know what it can do. I don't know anything of the G&P WOC system and last I heard they broke alot, and had unreliable fps as well as low fps.

I should add this is going to be more of a race rifle/sporting range/slightly more serious plinking/magpul'd to fuck I don't wanna get it dirty "WHO TOUCHED SASHA?!?!?!" rifle

if anyone could fill me in on the differences and advantages/disadvantages of each one. I know I'm requesting a spoonfeed but I have been working, hard at 5:30 am to 6pm for the past 3 days, I don't have the time to google I have to get to bed right after work prettymuch if I am to survive the next day.

also I know there are differences in the buffer tubes between GBBR's and aeg's, I know some GBBR's have their own size buffer tube that an aeg stock wont fit on, also some GBBR's use real steel compatable buffer tubes so either a aeg stock nor a GBBR stock will fit. what buffer tube does the WE m4's and the G&P WOC's use? and where could I find a Magpul CTR stock for each one? I think the WOC's use real steel compatable buffer tubes no? wouldn't that make it hard to get a CTR stock for it due to ITAR?

thank you and please be gentle with that spoon
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