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Do you know how many millions of dollars of damage baseball bats cost per year? And you still don't even have to be 18 to buy them!
But remember, it's the soccer (or more correctly the baseball) moms who buy their kids that because they don't see a single thing wrong with it. Sure their kids are responsible with it and play actual baseball. But there's still people who use it purely as a blunt weapon to beat the shit out of any one or anything they want.
It's just part of the human condition. Some people will find amazing ways to make the simplest thing into a weapon, just look at inmates. And some people can manage to find the smallest tid bit and blow it completely out of proportion.

its cause im retarded
Haha, damn, you just got right to the point didn't you.

Lets not pick on or speculate about members on this board without proof guys.

There are plenty of legit things to pin on him. No need to make shit up.
I missed a lot before I started playing didn't I
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