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Originally Posted by Space Bot View Post
Oh joy, the only thought that comes to mind after reading that is
"Soccer moms unite!"

I can't wait for some crazy person to try to blow this out of proportion.
"OMG!! Airsoft is fully to blame for this! Don't mind the kids retarded parents who gave him the money, and most likely bought it for him. And who also don't see anything wrong with him talking about beating h**s and cappin asses all day... IT WAS ALL AIRSOFTS FAULT"

Hopefully I'm wrong... I just feel very cynical right now.
It hasn't happened the last 20 times, why would it happen now? lol
few years back 2 guys were busted with ACTUAL airsoft guns on a subway. Can't remember if it was toronto or vancouver, but the incident was never heard from again.

Unless something BIG happens, like a group of people hijack a plane with airsoft guns, we've got nothing to worry about.

Do you know how many millions of dollars of damage baseball bats cost per year? And you still don't even have to be 18 to buy them!
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