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Trade issues... deja vu anybody?

Well this seems a recurring theme nowadays, I didn't want to post this up, but its been almost a month now and I can't wait any longer

I traded a TM spas 12 with 8 shells to user Alleblanc for a newish WE luger with 4 mags and $100, he was going to put the cash in the box, and he forgot, fair enough, so he was going to paypal me that friday, then a week later with still no funds he said he had forgotten that paypal takes 8 days to get funds from his bank, now 2 weeks after that I've heard nothing from him

then on to the gun itself, described as almost new, said he shot a few mags through it, ok fine, but the toggle had a major crack in it, and when I took it off to try to reinforce it with some JBweld, it fell apart in my hand, I'm not so mad over the fact that i have to buy a new part, it cost me $9.50 US shipped from WE directly, but more that he didn't mention the crack in the messages he sent me

as some of you know I recently took a gun back from Kid when he was dissatisfied, however I have no cash to repay him for the gun, even though he sent it back to me, and having not just Alleblanc but multiple ASCers promise me money and not pay up is not helping things, seeing as right now I have $1200 worth of "I'll send you that money tonight" that hasn't shown up, is this always a problem? or something recent thats just starting to happen

so long story short, I know he's on ASC daily, has anybody been in contact with him recently or know what's up?

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