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Originally Posted by Efreek View Post
Hi There I'm Eric and I'm 20. I'm from toronto ontario, and I'm trying to get more involved in airsoft as I really don't enjoy the horrible paint mess from paintball as much as I used too.

however, I'm not sure where to start, i know nothing of airsoft, or of any locations in the GTA. so if someone could help me out.. that'd be major
Good to hear, there's TTAC3 that BrianM runs and that's supposedly a good place for indoor CQB. Take a look at the Games/Events section for Ontario. There are "newbie days" but pretty much every game is a "newbie day" even if they don't explicitly state it (but ask first, also ask if there will be an AV rep on the field and try to secure a private rental beforehand).

Originally Posted by selectz View Post
Hello all, My names Joe Behse, I've been airsofting with a small group of buddies for awhile, but I recently moved to Victoria BC and have had to expand my airsoft world, So instead of just browsing through these awesome forums and absorbing knowledge like I sponge I guess I should pull my head out of the sand and say hello, so hello. I look forward to meeting the local players in and around Victoria and sharing some great games
The people you'll likely want to hook up with are SIR (South Island Rangers), I don't exactly know where they play but I think it's a little ways out from the city. They operate out of the BC Airsoft Club website:

PS: Are you in university or something (at UVic?)? No reason, you don't have to answer if you don't want to I was just wondering.
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