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Here are my highlights
1-Location: Always good to have an interesting location that makes you think about where your going
2-Trucks: Various types of transport are always fun. That was one of the reasons I went to a Border Wars game
3-Caliber of players, no offense to the newer players or different style of players but if I'm going to be running around during a Milsim game it adds ALOT that everybody in on the same page with correct gear and uniforms. I'm not a big fan of turning the corner and seeing somebody dressed as a robot blasting away at me. But that's just me, each to there own
4-Ammo limits are great as long as they are enforced, spray and prayer is best saved for the paint ball fields
If you want a good example of a Cats Ass game check out this site I've attend 3 out of the 4 games given and I need a day off after each one just to recover. Also any Border Wars game because the planners of that event pour there heart into it and it shows.

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