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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
- limited ammo (i.e. ammo cap per person, per sortie...something realistic like a max of 300/rifleman...1000-1500/support)

- real cap mag loads (i.e. 20 for M14, 30 for most assault rifles, whatever for pistols, etc...)

- higher FPS...450/500 brings on a whole new dynamic to game play...especially when combined with real cap/ammo limits

- simple objectives...might be hard to achieve, but just straightforward and uncomplicated

- no breaks, no lunch-time, no on the move and let the guys figure themselves out

- good host and support group that has their act together and keeps the game play working for the players.

- no BS/drama that isn't resolved right there and then on the field immediately after a set or after the game.
To add a few more

- Like minded shooters
- simple and clear ROE no changing or complex shite that 90% of group wont understand (we are civies afterall imitating real army)
- Awesome weather condition (no rain, tornadoes, fucking hail from hell etc.)

in the end when a game gets talked about years after it has been played that's an EPIC game
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