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Originally Posted by Daiviet View Post
If you've done the proper research and found that you are allowed to discharge in your backyard if you have a 6 foot fence, that doesn't stop the wandering eyes of a neighbour who see you holding a gun in your backyard, then calling the police. Treat it like a real weapon, keep in inside, out of sight, and only bring it with you to games.
Like daiviet said, even if it's legal to do so according to the bylaws I would probably not do it, or at least be VERY VERY careful. You should also think about the general political affiliation/platform that your neighbours have.

I think it would probably be fine if you were shooting like an air gun that's obviously for target shooting (ie. Anschutz or Daisy) ideally with an appropriate backstop and "pellet catch" but if your neighbour saw you shooting an M4 in your backyard they would probably think you were going on a rampage with that "military grade sniper assault rifle machine gun kitten puppy and baby killing grenade launcher with HEAT and radiation tipped JHP bullets that are totally against the Hague Conventions".

I totally live in a pretty west side area of Vancouver myself with a lot of "stroller moms" and "hippies".
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