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Originally Posted by MSwizzle View Post
Alright I won't do that either.

I will ask a few verifiers after my d@m car gets out of the repair shop or I get a non-crap car ( unlikely)
basically, you cannot -import- any gun or prohibited items (receivers and silencers being just two examples).

I really do suggest you read, read, read and, wait for it, read some more. That's all I did for the first 4-5 months I've been registered (and AVed) here (count 1-2 months of lurking).

Pretty much all you need to know is here, more often then not, I stumble upon ASC while googling for info on guns, gear, etc. It's pretty amazing/funny. Go out to a game, even if it is just to watch. Ask questions to the people at games, if you're nice enough you usually get your answer and maybe a bit of the good ol' touchy-feely with some of the players' guns
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