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the GTA has about the highest population of Age Verifiers out of anywhere else in canada, It shouldn't be too difficult to track one down. If you're in mississauga, visit Army Issue on lakeshore, Jeroon there is an age verifier and he's got plenty of nice goodies to look at as well.

As for going to the states and buying a TM.... While it is not overseas, its not in the country of Canada. You MUST purchase from inside the country to avoid any possibility of confiscation and blacklisting.

Please take a little more time to look through the FAQ's. TM is not illegal, nor is any airsoft weapon. They are however illegal to import without proper licenses (don't bother asking where to get a license, it's not something they give out easily and it costs two metric fucktonnes of money)

If you've done the proper research and found that you are allowed to discharge in your backyard if you have a 6 foot fence, that doesn't stop the wandering eyes of a neighbour who see you holding a gun in your backyard, then calling the police. Treat it like a real weapon, keep in inside, out of sight, and only bring it with you to games.

AEP's are a cheap solution, but you won't find yourself very satisfied with the results. Take my suggestion, save your money. Look in the events section of the forums to find a local game, ask the host if you can attend to observe. Most people are more than happy to let you hold their gun to see if its what you like, and maybe even let you use it once or twice. Try handling a few different things before you set your mind on what you want to buy. You'll never know if you'll like it for sure until you've tested it out.
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