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Originally Posted by FACE View Post
Getting AV'd is not just all about the Classifieds and getting guns. It opens up a whole lot of other threads on the forums. Also, most people are more inclined to answer a person who took the time to get AV'd as opposed to someone who couldn't be bothered getting it done.
I never said it was only about the classifieds. I said that since the airsoft community is so tight, getting AV'd is a good idea if you plan on playing with many people or getting more involved in the community. But if he already apart of a group/has access to a gun/doesn't need to have more access to the forums (which is what I assume since he is asking from a legal standpoint) there is little reason to AV unless he wants the tag. So, from a strictly legal perspective, there is no need to AV at all.

SniperSam, did you both move up from the States?
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