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If you can't afford a TM from overseas... then you might not be able to afford a clone once it get's into Canada.

Also, if there's a chance of pissing off the neighbours then it's not a good idea to be discharging any airgun or firearm. I assume you live in the city. If so like 99% of the cities will have a bylaw stating something along the lines of it being a bylaw violation to be discharging airguns within city limits except for areas zoned for such activities, fines could range from $50 to even $500.

As well, most of the noise actually comes from the motor and gearbox, the suppressor will slightly silence the report from the barrel but then 80% of the noise is still coming from the motor and gearbox.

PS: If you want target practise then the Anschutz is totally the gun for you but it might be a bit pricey. Daisy, Winchester, Beeman, Gamo, and the like also offer great .177 target rifles that are so much cheaper and way more accurate.
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