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Need help deciding on an AEG

I've been looking at getting my first airsoft gun which I really only want to try out with little skirmishes
With my friends + target practice, but have come to a crossroads. I really want to get the Tokyo Marui MP5K MP5K but it is a little bit out of my price range $50 including the silencer (don't want to piss off the neighbors ) , charger, battery and Other stuff (BB's, bb-speed loader, BB Bottle etc.)

However I have also seen other MP5K knock offs such as This one looks good and This One

My question to you is, are any of those guns good, and if not where could I get a cheap ( possibly second hand TM MP5K)

Also I really only want an MP5K because
I like the small size of it, but don't want an AEP.

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