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Last year I did the merc thing. I would tend to move slowly through a building (Radar base in Bridgewater) taking people who didn't check their corners. Like this one guy, Playing in a abandoned building (see above) he finds a back board with the straps, so he carries it like a shield and advances on my team mate. Little did he know I'm hidden in a side room waiting for him. He gets in front of my door and isn't looking around so I bellow (I've been teaching martial arts for year and I'm the oldest of 4 I have a very loud commanding voice) "DROP YOUR WEAPON" kid jumps throw the shield drops his gun and drops to his knees (medic rules we had in play) I steal the shield and take off. The look on the kids face was epic.
This year I started my own team RCST. Since then I tend to lead from the front. Most of the team hits hard from the front drawing attention and fire away from the ghost units (those sneaky bastards that shoot you in the ass) and snipers. We are doing pretty well and have won most of the games we've played as a team. Though I tend to get shot a lot because I shout the orders (try to look unimportant they may be low on ammo) Next season I'm hoping to drill with these guys more often and have better unit coheasion.
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