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Need help finding suitable AEG

Hey guys i need your help, i've now played 5 games with my ICS Sig 552 and i've come to the conclusion that this AEG does not fit me at all. I have therefore decided to sell it this autumm and buy a new one for the spring of 2011, however i am not quite sure what to get and my local store does not have a huge selection yet because he just started in 2010. So a i need the wise advice of the experts on ASC to help me find the AEG that will fit my style of play. Here are my criteria, thanks for any help.

Lightweight: no more than 6.5lbs
Short :no longer than 34"
Must fit battery in stock
<ust have top rail and bottom rail for Tactical grip optional
Must use M4 style mags
between 500-600$
if possible not need a ton of upgrades( i'm not a tinkerer)
also quite enough if possible

again thank you for your help

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