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Yes. Power is still power but they should be rated for the right battery chemistry.

The DuraTrax ICE Charger is pricey but oh so worth it IMO and should pay for itself (by saving money on replacing batteries as often) in a year or two if you play semi regularly. Go to an RC shop and ask them what smart charger they'd suggest for you on whatever budget you're on, they're probably a lot more versed in chargers and batteries than I am. (RC chargers charge the exact same batteries as we use in airsoft. Hell, they're the exact same batteries and operate the exact same way)

As well, you CAN charge at 1.5-2C (30-45 min charge time) but ideally you'd charge at 1C (1 hour charge time).

Note: 1C of charge like Amos said is the amperage applied to the battery against the amperage your battery can hold. ie. 1.8 Amps on an 1800 mAh battery or 2.4 Amps on a 2400 mAh battery will both yield charge times of 1 hour and is the best charging "rate" for your batteries.
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