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Originally Posted by Eeyore View Post
Please explain how they have higher power. Paintball guns run at 280fps indoors and a very few owners will let you run then at 300 fps outdoors.
Without doing the math (since I don't have the weight of a paintball or a bb) I'm pretty sure the paintball carries more kinetic energy.

Also at my old fields (indoor speedball) we always ran at 300fps. But I don't play anymore and this was a few years ago so they might have changed.

edit: Wow, totaly missed the second page and L473ncy's very good info, sorry :|

Originally Posted by Skytorn View Post
The energy dispersion from a paintball popping can be reduced by replacing the paintballs with marbles or freezing them. I remember talking to game organizers and hearing them talk about the psychos who'd do this in large community games where people can't check their paint efficiently...Not to mention paintball guns, all running off gas, are incredibly easy to tweak to fire hot.
That marble thing is mostly myth afaik. Reason being, even if you were shooting reaaaaaaaaaly hot, you will never get it going that fast without a tight seal. Not even paintballs fit barrel diameters perfectly. The freezing thing does work though, there were some stupid kids who got pretty messed up after playing a game with frozen paint around where I live. I hope they don't pass on their genes, lol.

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