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Originally Posted by victorzd View Post
Thanks for posting that message, it cleared some things up for me, although I do have one question; exactly what don't you like about G&G?, I just bought a G&G m4 blowback as my first gun for 450$, I am a newb but my friends who have c/a and t/m guns tell me its a pretty reliable gun and that it was a good idea picking it up as my first. Is it because its not an actual replica or is it because its not fully metal etc. Please go easy on me as this is my first post and I am just curious and want to hear more experienced players' opinions about G&G
I started playing airsoft at the local CQB arena. loved the game but didn't like renting equipment for 30 bucks a game and 280rounds. Since I was paying $120 every month to play anyway I figured I should buy my own equipment. or at least my own weapon. I went out and got the G&G model out of frustration and not being able to purchase here. (still not av'ed a year later) I did a lot of looking around and found that those that had them were happy with them. I gotta say I'm glad I got it 1 year of service down over 40,000 rounds through it and not one problem. At first I thought the clear lower reciever looked cheap and fake, but it hasn't affected performance. It's still my only weapon I carry into battle. And since I play strictly CQB its all I really need. Mind you I did buy a few add-ons in the past few months to improve my aim and conserve rounds. other than that its completely stock.

Now I'm planing on custom painting it something completely my own to cover up that lower reciever and no one will know the difference.
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