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The key operating word there is when appropriate. Always ask about safety, never assume (hell even in a workplace whatever occupation it is always ask never assume, I heard that one time someone almost fell through a hole in a data centres mezzanine once).

As well you don't have to be totally prepared but try to be as prepared as possible. BDU's are cheap and any surplus store will sell them, eyewear can be rented if it's a paintball venue but always think about buying your own (I think the consensus is that the best "starter" goggles are the JT Spectra or Flex and they'll work at any venue because they're paintball rated (and as such comply with most paintball fields' insurance)).

Also NEVER EVER ask something to reinforce some notion. A lot of minors come onto this forum and do that. Asking something or other and not wanting to budge that their notion is wrong or bad, they only want their opinion reinforced. It shouldn't be a problem with you judging by the way you type but I just thought I'd throw that out. Ask to learn not to reinforce some wrong notion. It's OK to ask "Is ______ good or bad?" (search first) but ask to see whether or not it actually is good or bad and be willing to change your opinions if a concise and logical answer is given. There is a lot of crap floating around and people who seem to be "experts in the field" yet asked some really retarded question a few days ago so also be able to distill what information is good or bad.
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