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Yesterday I got a package at my door....

(Hmmm... I didnt order anything this big from HK recently....let's open it)

(OMFG.... this much packaging for such a small box... and only 6$ shipping from HK to Canada?....Thanks Ehobby!)

Woot... the Zeiss point replica from Star! ....

Its the new 2010 version... it's supposed to be an improved one since the old one seems to fail quite a bit in terms or performance...

I wont go over the small details, since they only improved and changed some of the original internal components.

Now, as MR. Jon requested, it has:
  • Price has been lowered, its now only 70$
  • Dot is super crisp, and not too big, no ghosting or anything!
  • auto brightness setting, works really well.... But Star failed a programming it, because seems like it doesnt have any "minimum" setting... well it does, its the "OFF" setting, so when there is no light, it automatically lowers the brightness to 0.... (but dont worry, I tested it outside, and when you are standing in the shade of a tree... it wont shut off. It only shut off when playing indoor... :S)
    But, when its sunny, dot is really bright!
  • EDIT: turns out the S-point sight was programmed as a Doctor sight.... so that when there's no light (=like if you put the cover on the doc sight) it shuts off.... :S...
    But just a tiny amount of sunlight, and it works perfectly! Dont try it with fluorescent/neon lights though.... (like in photography... you cant take a pictures when the subject is lit with neons instead of incandescent bulbs!)
  • Lenses are UV tempered, with a nice rubby coating to minimize glare and reflection.
  • Internals have also been improved, so that they can handle the recoil of GBBs. (Star tested it with 3000 rounds or .22)
  • Battery life is now supposed to last 600 hours on a single LR2023 battery!
  • The battery compartment has also been modified for an easier access (unlike the original one, which looks like a pain to take off)

Overall, I'm really pleased with my purchase, My KSC mp7 was missing something like this, and it gets the job done.
But the auto-brightness features makes this sight , unfortunatly, not Indoor-friendly....

Now, time for some gun pr0n :P


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