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... I'm in the UK too ATM, where are you? I can't verify you or anything just wondering out of curiosity.

PS: Eeyore, you can easily get 11 J from a paintball gun.
Med school at Warwick, living in Coventry. It's a shithole, and far away from the skirmish fields where I could get registered and buy UK guns.

The energy dispersion from a paintball popping can be reduced by replacing the paintballs with marbles or freezing them. I remember talking to game organizers and hearing them talk about the psychos who'd do this in large community games where people can't check their paint efficiently...Not to mention paintball guns, all running off gas, are incredibly easy to tweak to fire hot.

A search in the forums see a lot of threads on ECA, actually. Can you guys sticky a disclaimer in the newbie tank? Would save a lot of veterans' blood pressures.

Finally: no strelok, I don't want your help in breaking the law. I want information on how the laws in our country work, and I want to buy nice guns for cheap. I don't see how that's a problem. Also, congratulations ThunderCactus on your disposable income.
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