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The flying monkeys bring them over. I think Tokyo7 controls them, but it could be someone else. If T7's posts aren't invisible to you then read them, I think it explains about the flying monkeys.

EDIT: Before 1998 you could get airsoft in without too much restriction but currently it's regulated due to some stuff happening. Right now, its better than it was a few years ago with a bunch of shit happening.

Also 5 years ago you would have been paying like $650 for a TM and maybe up to $700 for a Classic Army (and that was when they had absolute shit internals). .... Also ECA is talking out of their ass. I'm sure they've gotten shit into Canada before but it doesn't make it legal what they're doing and the person on the receiving end is the one that can get screwed because CBSA can get the RCMP (or local PD) to charge them. ECA's hands are clean because they're in the US so nothing bad can really happen to them. Also if they've had "1 or 2 seizures in shipping over 1000 guns" before like they've said then they admit that what they're doing isn't legal because it's obviously been seized, furthermore if they offer "seizure insurance" then they're blatantly admitting that what they're doing is illegal because the packages can be seized. Also I'm not sure if they mislabel the contents of the package but if they do then you can probably be charged with smuggling and some other stuff.

PS: I don't know too much about that Airsoft Society website but it seems like a crappy place to get info if theres that level of misinformation around, but I guess it's mainly because the members there aren't versed in Canadian law. Arnies and AirsoftRetreat are much better sites IMO.
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