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Okay...where are full black guns coming from?

I think I've got a fundamental misunderstanding of Canadian laws that I'd like to have cleared up.

As I understand it, buying and selling full-black airsoft guns is not restricted by anything more than age and our self-policing with AV. What's illegal is the importation, for sale or personal use, of full black guns. I've even heard that clearsoft isn't exempt to confiscation.

Because no one in Canada manufactures full-black airsoft, in theory, then, there shouldn't be any full-black airsoft guns available in Canada.

So where are these guns coming from? Discounting the ones that individual players smuggled across the border, I mean. Many retailers on this forum sells full-black guns, Chix for example clearly sells American imports (orange tip present). Whose daughters did these retailers have to take to Chuck E Cheese's, so that they could import contraband?

EDIT: I've emailed Chix to ask for clarification; in the meantime I decided to post here and see if others can weigh in. Previously, when I emailed Capital Airsoft to ask why they don't carry certain brands, they told me it was because it was illegal to import the full-black guns. I neglected to ask how the other guns they had were legal...

EDIT AGAIN: Before people flame the crap out of me I went and dug deeper. What do you know, the answer's right there in a frequently linked page.

But, the question now changes to: is the up to $1200 import license the reason why retailers only import high-quality guns and then add a huge markup compared to American prices? Thanks.

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