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Originally Posted by magicmint View Post
For some odd reason I like the idea of maintaining a GBBR. It may be a lot of work, but that hard work pays off. Plus you can be proud of your gun, considering you have to truly tale care of it.
Same here man. The way I see it is a GBBR is much better for that and all the other reasons Brian gave.

A GBBR is simply more realistic, not just in recoil (because afaik it doesn't kick much) but the cost, maintenance and necessity to watch your ammo. And airsoft, as opposed to paintball, is about realism.

That being said, I'm still looking for my FIRST gun and that will most likely be an AEG. For nubs like us AEGs are easier to start with. They are cheaper when you take into account running costs and mags, they are more reliable (I think) and possibly easier to fix if things go wrong (more spare parts, more experience all around with AEGs). And when it comes time to get a GBBR, I think you should be able to flip an AEG for a decent sum of money if you take care of it.

Anyways, things are different with you since you already have the gun. And I could be totally off base, this is just what I've picked up from lurking
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