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Basically don't use your account as a proxy for minors to purchase guns and you're fine.

ie. My brother isn't AV'ed yet (to the best of my knowledge) if he asked me to get something for him then I could buy something for him and give it to him. After that, if we go to a game together and he gets AV'ed then that's fine (Note, I'm not account sharing, rather I'm buying a gun then when it gets to my doorstep he is buying it from me). However if my brother was under 18 that would be against the rules since my account would be a proxy to selling to minors.

Also the above was a hypothetical situation (AFAIK my brother is attempting to get AV'ed sometime). What happens outside the classifieds is of no concern to the staff except if your account is being used as a proxy to supply minors with guns (like some mom tried to do last spring).
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