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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
8mm hurt like a son of a bitch in CQB...even with the lightest BBs. I probably still have a tri-welt on my ass from SAFX's shotty.

I'd love to see an AS game setup where FPS/BB weights were relagated to more reflect RS. I think it'd bring on a much different game dynamic.

I think Rifles should have a distinct range/accuracy advantage over SMGs....battle/assault rifles should have a distinct difference from carbines...I think 7.62 calibers should be differentiated in range/accuracy vs. smaller calibers. The RS benefits of AM/sniper rifles should be better reflected vs. other types of weapons.

- pistols/SMG's/shottys (pistol caliber, short range) have to shoot max 300 and use 0.20's
- Carbines/SAW (5.56, PDW rounds) have to shoot max 400 and can use up to 0.25's
- Assault rifles (full size 5.56, 7.62) have to shoot max 450 and must use 0.30's
- LMG/MG's (7.62)....same as SAW but must use 0.30's...
- Sniper rifles (7.62/338) have to shoot max 500fps and must use 0.30+...or 8mm...vetted persons only
- Big bore AM rifles (i.e. 338/50cal) shoot max 550 and must use .40+...or 8mm...vetted persons only

It's always been a pet peeve of mine that basically every AEG/AS rifle out there can/are run essentially as SAWs....that short CQB weapons can/are used as field rifles...that the upsides of a "precision" rifle are overshadowed by the AEG vs. single shot discrepancy. It really washes it all with a coating of fakeness...but I don't think it needs to be that way.

Reality being....I doubt the masses of players are going to "compromise" their weapons performance by tuning it down or using light BBs. There might be a surge of SAW/LMG/sniper rifles....but that can be controlled by the game side.

Oh...and it'd all be real cap

So it may never happen...but I think it'd be cool.
It scares me that me and you think alike lol. I actually refuse to put a tight bore in my AK47 for that simple fact. AN AK47 IS NOT A LASER GUN! The inconsistency makes it more of a challenge. Also playing with the taped together 30 rnd real caps as well.

As for the range thing I agree again. Its annoying when a certain someones m9 can get the same range as my ak or scar and is more accurate, Plus way more maneuverable. Its like making a FPS and using the same numbers for all the skins of guns. WTF is the point.

Edit: I wonder if they make a loose bore barrel... hmm. 6.5 anyone? lol
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