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temperature is the killer...otherwise there's actually less worry/maintenance with a GBBR vs. AEG. As long as you..1) understand what's supposed to work....2) can apply lube (heh heh)'re good to go.

The first point is where the uninitated fail.

Same with AEGs...with a working, reliable's pretty noobie friendly. Add battery+bbs and go. Clean out the barrel now and then.

However...look too hard at it and start fiddling with things and you're in for some long nights and start down a slippery slope of needing 2-5 guns since your guns are always half disassembled 'cause you're in the middle of tweaking things.

When GBBRs act up and go's either a dead simple fix...or a long drawn out headscratcher.

I've shot a GBBR for the past the point where I couldn't remember where I had put my AEG (literally couldn't find it) and my PTW hasn't been touched much at all. The GBBR is just too much fun not to use.

But...for this Sunday's game it's supposed to be a high around the battery guns are coming out. If I had a bunch of CO2 mags I wouldn't sweat it....but I don't.

We do plenty of indoor shooting here in TO as every chance I get at that...the GBBR is coming out. The noise and action just puts AEGs to shame.

The PTW is solid and reliable (I've gamed it several times in the suck balls to those who say they can't get wet)....and it's preferable to an AEG. When I started into the PTW's I bought as a backup, just in case one quit. Never got I sold it. I've got spare electronics and a motor for it....again, just in case...and it's dead simple to swap parts on them. About a tenth of the time it takes to work on an AEG.

With regards to how many mags or how many BBs in a mag....doesn't matter. Go with what works for you in the game you're in. Real capping in a shoot 'em fun skirmish where half the guys are running multiple hicaps might not be the best way to have fun...or it might pucker you right up and boost the fun meter through the roof. I prefer ammo capped, ammo limited, high FPS all day, no breaks mil-sims....just do but I wouldn't think that they're for everyone. I also enjoy a quick skirmish shoot 'em up too....that's this Sunday's fun game. The only time I've not seen things work out is where there's wildly different expectation levels from the players...and that's for the host to set out from the get go.

The bottom line should be in this for fun. If you're not posting a shit eating grin that makes your face hurt after a solid game with good shooters.....then you're doing it wrong.

Kraken, PTW, GBBR, pistol, rubber knife, uber l33t or RedGreen special.........doesn't matter. It's the nut behind the butt that makes or breaks it.

and making your own parts is just plain fun...and way easier to do for a GBBR vs. AEG

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