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Originally Posted by Assault Pioneer View Post
if your the guy who doesn't like to strip, clean and re lube a weapon after every use a GBBR is not for you, if your the guy who doesn't fix something exactly like how it's supposed to be fixed (proper replacement part and use propper tools and techniques) and is a "JBweld Mechanic" or like's to use tape to hold things in place or if a screw or pin falls out you grab any random one that'll fit with the help of a bit of force a GBBR is not for you, you'll kill it.
unless you have a KJW m4, the nooblord has had one for months and its still running, this tells me that they are nearly indestructible

i fricking LOVE my GBBR i would not give it up for anything. there is nothing better at an indoor game than fracken loud GBBR!
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Wildcard his gun is better than all of yours, he has magpul stuff on it, all the magpuls you can dream of. He has all of them. On his gun. I wish I had magpuls
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Look at all the fucks no one gives Miles, look at them. There is a lot of fucks not being given.
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