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places to play in ontario

hi all
I'm new to this forum as well to airsoft. I'm going to buy my first gun in about a month. it's going to be a KJM 1911 Meu from buyairsoft, but here is the thing i live in Newfoundland but go to Ontario in the summers for 4 months, I'll be spending my time in Barrie and Guelph and would like to play while I'm down there but don't know were to go. also, as I'm new to the sport is there some place were i would be able to rent a few guns to try them out before i make a major purchases on some more guns. the second one I'm looking to buy when i get back to Toronto is going to be a AEG of some sort but I'm going to want to use it as a sniper rifle as well. if anyone would be able to give me some info it would be greatly appreciated.
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