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Originally Posted by Dart View Post
Why do you need 12 mags??? I play with the canadian vest which holds 4 m4 mags plus one in the gun. On larger games I usually have to reload oh lets say every 2-3 deaths. I do run Co2 so I Just carry poweletts in one of my pouch and a speed loader of 300 rounds. I normaly have to go back to staging area after about 2-3 hours.....

maybe I am a better shot than you :P

All the info you will ever need.

just a word of advice though bring a reliable AEG with you for the first few games as you find things that need to be replaced/fixed/tweaked. Oh and carry a bottle of locktite with your kit. Your gonna need it.
I carry a full loadout.. 300 rounds.. because in the games I play you can't carry loose ammo .. and you may not see your base for 5 hours.

Most of the games I play at have ammo limits of 300 rounds per sortie ... or sometimes 300 rounds total for the game..

Most the time I never go though all the ammo carried.. but sometimes I do Covering fire eats BBs fast...

3 or 4 mags are fine if you are running a RECCE and don't expect prolonged contact.. but if you are digging in to repulse assault.. or on the assault .. you will be counting rounds fast.
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